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New Feature!!

Orders will now come with a gifted winner's badge

  • Winner's name will be customized on the back of the medal; the paper certificate will be laminated. Styles may vary for each season.

  • Please note that each order is for one prize only. If ordering for an additional prize, please submit a separate form. 

  • Winners can also order a teacher certificate or medal, or request a free teacher e-certificate by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

  • The awards will be dispatched within one month after the order is placed. Once your parcel is dispatched, you will receive an email notification with a tracking link. Kindly check your junk mail folder just in case. Orders with the same address may be shipped within the same parcel.

  • Please ensure that you have filled in the correct and most recent address. There will be a re-delivery charge if the address is filled with mistakes or the delivery is missed/returned.

  • If you would like to customize your own CD or DVD album, please click here.

Awards Order Form

Select an item (Shipping Worldwide & Tracked)

Shipping Info

Thank you! We received your order. A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly. Kindly check your junk mail folder just in case.

Would you like to create your own CD or DVD album to commemorate your victory and fulfill your music production dreams?

CD front

WOMCO is now introducing the Honorable League of Global Exceptional Teachers

All prize winners' teachers in our competition are eligible to join and be featured as a member of the Honorable League of Global Exceptional Teachers.

If you are the teacher of a prize winner and are willing to be listed as one of the Global Exceptional Teachers, please fill in the table below with your title and the music institution. If you are a student filling in on behalf of your teacher, please make sure you have obtained your teacher's consent beforehand.

Teacher E-Certificates Request Form

Note: This form is only for e-certificate. If you wish to order a paper certificate/medal for the teacher award, please use the order form above and select 'teacher award'.

Would the teacher like to be featured and listed on WOMCO's honourable league of global exceptional teachers?

Thanks! The teacher e-certificate will be sent to you within 2 weeks' time. Kindly check your junk mail folder just in case.

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